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Grant and technical support

Through grants and technical support, we are working with and through partner organisations (grantees) to enable citizens to engage with the state and with government to ensure accountable, transparent and responsive governance.

We provide support to grantees to enhance their operational competence, efficiency and capabilities to enable them to more effectively achieve their goals and represent their constituents. The programme builds on the results and learning from grant partner capacity building work undertaken in STAR-Ghana’s first phase to develop and implement a holistic and integrated civil society strengthening strategy.

Evidence from our experience and other programmes has shown that giving grants alone does not lead to transformational change which is why we have a focus on strengthening civil society capacity. 

Non-grant support

Strengthening civil society’s capacity to plan, manage, implement, and account for results and sustain organisations is critical to achieving sustainable development objectives. We work through our 3 Cs approach to promote inclusive development.

Our non-grants strategy is organised around STAR-Ghana’s overall strategic approach, to act as convener, catalyst and coordinator of civil society action towards systemic change and a facilitator of learning to enable a more reflective and adaptive approach to programming.


  • provides evidence, tools and innovative ways to support civil society to mobilise resources for its own actions.
  • facilitates alliances, aided by the credibility of the STAR-Ghana brand: alliances are central to our collaborative approach to stimulating citizen action. The programme supports formal and informal coalitions of change actors.
  • provides integrated capacity building support to partners: our capacity building strategy combines support in strengthening partners’ technical abilities with strengthening their ability to act politically.
  • convenes dialogue on critical and sensitive national issues: STAR-Ghana has developed a strong convening power, which helps bring together influential individuals in a way that previous donor-funded civil society initiatives have been unable to do.


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