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Promoting active citizenship for change

STAR Ghana Foundation is a national centre for active citizenship and philanthropy. The Foundation works towards the development of a vibrant, well-informed and assertive civil society able to contribute to transformational national development and inclusive access to high quality, accountable public services for all Ghanaian citizens.

STAR Ghana Foundation belongs to the people of Ghana. We create platforms for ordinary people, particularly the most marginalised in society, to become active citizens who demand positive change in their lives and communities.

We work to increase the effectiveness of citizens and civil society to achieve an equitable, inclusive society by convening inclusive dialogue and collaboration; catalysing active citizenship and collective action; coordinating and supporting strategic partnerships, and facilitating continuous learning to fuel wider scale change.

Our ultimate goal is to help ensure all citizens, regardless of gender, disability, age or location, are empowered to participate in decisions and raise concerns. We will continue to support a vibrant civil society to engage constructively with the government and drive forward a transformative development agenda that will leave nobody behind.

Work with us to find local solutions that move Ghana beyond aid, promoting active citizenship for change.

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No 6, Sunflower Street, East Legon, Accra, Ghana GA-372-5902