Learning within STAR Ghana Foundation looks at both outwards to other accountability work, and inward ensuring that lessons are learned and applied across the programme.

STAR Ghana Foundation draws on best practice and the latest research and contribute learning to the sector.

STAR-Ghana Foundation's learning mission is to serve as a partnership of knowledge, practice and learning. In collaboration with partners, it facilitates continuous learning to harvest and share lessons, innovations and evidence that can fuel wider-scale change.

STAR-Ghana Foundation acts as a convenor, catalyst and coordinator of learning through communities of practice and learning. Embedding learning in all internal and external processes, it supports citizens’ ability to influence change by: 

  • Convening, co-convening, and brokering inclusive multi-stakeholder learning dialogue, events and processes.
  • Catalysing collaborative learning, innovation and generation of knowledge and evidence that enable active citizenship and collective action, both nationally and locally.
  • Coordinating, managing and supporting joint learning events and processes in collaboration with civil society, government and the private sector.

At the heart of all STAR-Ghana’s learning activities is a commitment to understand and advance gender equality and social inclusion as a central dimension of transformational change in Ghana.

STAR-Ghana Foundation calls on its partners, including grantees, to be more than implementers of projects or activities – it will support them to be brokers of knowledge, evidence, multi-stakeholder engagement and partnership. Through the communities of practice, STAR Ghana Foundation partners undertake collective action, exercise leadership in the process of collecting evidence, capturing learning, disseminating knowledge and scaling up innovations that can build more accountable, transparent policy and public services in Ghana to fuel wider scale change.

In addition, learning events are held on thematic basis each year. These will build on successful approaches adopted under previous service contracts and the learning will feed into STAR-Ghana Foundation's programming.



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