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Rescued from the Brink of Child Marriage, the Story of Latifa a Junior High School Pupil

Latifa is a Sixteen (16) year old Junior High School three pupil who hails from Yaru-Naah a farming community in the WA East District of the Upper West Region. Her dream of becoming a nurse was nearly cut short due to child marriage if not for the timely intervention of CDA-Ghana, a Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) grant partner of the STAR Ghana Programme. Latifa’s Bride price had allegedly been paid, and 23rd February 2019 was fixed as her Islamic marriage ceremony.

A brief interview session with Latifa


Upon receipt of the information, the STAR Ghana supported `Let Girls Learn, End Child Marriage` Project team of CDA meet with Latifa’s parents and to ascertain the alleged marriage plans.  In the opinion of Latifa’s father, that was practically impossible:

“once the bride price had been accepted, there is nothing we can do to stop the marriage”. The CDA team sensitised the family on the consequences – legal and otherwise, of marrying Latifa off at such an early age and encouraged the family to reflect on their decision."

On the 5th of February 2019, the family of Latifa called to invite CDA back to YARA – NAAH community for their feedback on Latfifa’s marriage proposal. Latifa’s father and elders of the YARU-NAAH community after a period of reflection indicated their intention to rescind the decision to give up Latifa for marriage.

Meetings were subsequently held with the prospective groom and his family to rescind their marriage proposal and accept to take back their bride price. CDA met both families together and offered further sensitization on the effects and legal ramifications of practicing child marriages. The families and members of the two communities made commitments to stop child marriage and promote girl child education.

Latifa, second from left (in uniform) with the `Let girls learn and child marriage project team`


Latifa Antiku is now back to school in YARU-NAAH Community Junior High School where she is currently pursuing her educational aspirations. She had promised the project team that she will work hard to pass her basic school education exams.

“Despite the stigma of aborted marriage plans, I am determined to advance to senior high school”. 

Latifa is currently being monitored and supported by the `Let Girls Learn; End Child Marriage` project, supported by STAR Ghana with funding from UKAid, DANIDA and the European Union.


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